B2 The Keep on The Borderlands

Session 1 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Keep

Bandit Bashery!

Gerhart – Fighter
Eron – Fighter
Shugosou – Wizard
Tom – Bard

Our small group of intrepid adventurers joined forces to travel to the Borderlands to seek their fortune. On the road, they were ambushed by a group of desperate bandits just out of sight of The Keep. The group managed to trounce them, unfortunately suffering some pretty serious wounds themselves. Limping to The Keep, the party was admitted by the Corporal of the Guard, Hagis MacFearson, who they turned over one captured bandit. Hagis said the bandits were probably working for a local Bandit leader named Healfdane who has been a thorn in the side of the Castellan for some time.

Hagis then gave the party a brief tour of The Keep, leaving them in the square outside of the Hog and Thistle Tavern and Traveller’s Inn.

Hagar Patris – Taverner of Hog and Thistle
Delbert Prin – Innkeeper
Shamgar Berg – Blacksmith
Hagis MacFearson – Corporal of the Guard
Beauregard – Provisioner
Jacob – Scribe
Petra – Serving Wench at Hog and Thistle
Nigel – Mercenary Man-at-Arms
Monk – Mercenary Man-at-Arms

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Traveling to the borderlands is not as relaxing as I hoped. I suppose all freedoms come at a price and no longer being tied to an army means that you must provide for yourself. I meet some travelers along the way to the borderlands who talked me into traveling with them. It seemed like a welcome diversion from the quite lonely road that I have been on recently.
Given the attempted ambush from bandits I am glad they were there to fight along with me. I suffered a beating and almost was rendered unconscious. By comparison the much younger fighter in our group handled himself better and only suffered minor injuries. My age might be showing…
Now that we are at the keep and have safely turned over a prisoner, without reward I might add, it is time for some rest. A few coins spent on a good bed and something better than trail rations or wild game is what I need. I need to find work fast though, maybe I’ll get a job routing bandits for pay.
I am interested in seeing what this group does now that we have arrived. I am not sure what brought them to the borderlands but I am sensing they each have reasons that might prove to be a good adventure for a retired soldier.


On the way to the Borderlands, I fell in with a small group of adventurers figuring there is safety in numbers. We were about a mile from the keep when the road dipped into a small copse of trees and the keep disappeared from our view. We were lucky to detect trouble just before a group of bandits dropped out of several trees and demanded all of our gold to pass. “All I have for you is steel!” I cried and charged the nearest bandit.

My new companions made a good showing of themselves, especially the old man, who would have thought he still had it in him. The battle was over quickly, but unfortunately a lucky shot went past our defenses, and laid down poor Shugosou. After the last bandit was chased away we bandaged up our companion and headed for the keep with a prisoner in tow.

We reached the keep and we greeted by Corporal Hagis MacFearson and a scribe. We told Hagis about the bandit attack and he immediately organized a patrol to look for the bandits that got away. We were given a quick tour of the keep and left to our own devices.

Our little party worked well together, perhaps we can stick together and find some work around the Keep.


In my clan, it is customary for someone who has reached the age of 100 to go on an adventure and, when he or she returned, was considered a full adult. After two years of searching, I finally found a group of intrepid adventurers whom I fell in with on their way to the keep. Unfortunately though, my first battle did not go so well. Because of my inexperience with battle, I was felled but my party killed, chased off, and captured the entire group of bandits.
Finally we headed arrived at the keep and was informed of a place called the “Caves of Chaos”, perhaps I will be able to hone my skills and become the greatest Elf Wizard my clan has known. As a payment for my group protecting me, I bought them all private rooms. We could all use a good nights rest after that first battle.


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