B2 The Keep on The Borderlands

Sessions 9 and 10 - What's the difference between a 1/4 CR and 1/2 CR Monster?

Oh, about 1 near-TPK I would say...

Eron – Human Fighter
Shugosou – Elven Magic User
Anthon – Gnome Druid
Jarvis – Human Wizard/Cleric
Ap-Maddock – Hireling Human Warrior

The party set out once again for the caves, deciding to try the northern caverns this time. After running afoul of a clever hidden Kobold pit trap, the heroes sought their revenge by slaughtering the entire tribe with little effort!

After dispatching the Kobolds with ease the party headed up the hill to the next cavern for some more easy pickings. They were dissapointed to discover an alert and very warlike tribe of Orcs. The battle was fierce and furious near the entrance to the Orc lair. Many times it seemed as if the Orcs would prevail and stock their larders with fresh Advenurer, a meat this band of humanoids particularly relish! In the end the party was able to prevail through skill, a little luck and the ultimate sacrifice of the loyal Ap-Maddock. Poor, poor Ap-Maddock, we hardly knew ye!

The party managed to take the last two members of the Orc tribe alive and ponders what to do with them while binding their rather significant wounds. True to the callous and heartless PC stereotype, not a single tear has been shed at the loss of faithful Ap-Maddock…

Lots of dead Kobolds and Orcs, including one Orc that looked very familiar…



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