B2 The Keep on The Borderlands

Session 8 - A Hero Falls!

Well Gerhart dies anyway...

Gerhart – Human Fighter
Shugosou – Elven Magic User
Anthon – Gnome Druid
Roland – Hireling Human Warrior
Ap-Maddock – Hireling Human Warrior

After resting in the wilds following the bandit attack, Anthon and his faithful wolf pick up the tracks of the fled highwaymen heading south. In another trademark left-turn, the party decides to abandon the trail of the Skeletons believed to have kidnapped Miranda von Drachen and pursue the Bandits.

The trail leads South, back toward The Keep. Along the way the party spies an odd and unkempt man fishing at a small lake. The man is clearly touched in the head but the party tries to reason with him anyway. Surprisingly the verbal sparring match actually yields some valuable information in that the old man claims to have seen about a dozen ‘dead men’ dragging an attractive female captive to the East.

Just as the party is about to bid farewell to the hermit, the old man attacks Gerhart. Noticing something is amiss but too slow to stop the sneak attack of the old man and his pet Puma, Gerhart’s throat is slit and he collapses, his life blood quickly draining out.

The rest of the party reacts with rage and slays the old man and his pet. Shugosou taking down the Puma with a dead-eye crossbow bolt, Anthon summoning a magical Wolf that savages the Hermit, and Roland finishing him with a critical thrust he must have learned from the skillful Gerhart.

The Hermit had a small stash of treasure, including a Magic Dagger and a Magic Ring.

Mournfully, the party licks their wounds, ties Gerhart’s body to his horse and returns to The Keep. Shugosou finds out that Father Janos Brightsun has taken up residence in the Inner Bailey and is now an adviser to The Castellan (I forgot to tell you guys that in the session).

Mad Hermit – Now Deceased



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