B2 The Keep on The Borderlands

Session 6 - A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

Hobgoblins Shmobgoblins!

Gerhart – Human Fighter
Shugosou – Elven Magic User
Eron – Human Fighter
Jozan – Human Cleric
Roland – Hireling Human Warrior
Ap-Maddock – Hireling Human Warrior
Krayd – Half-Orc Barbarian
Anthon – Gnome Druid

Having successfully returned Gareth the Merchant, his wife, and their retainers to The Keep, the party set about spending their hard earned treasure on food and drink in a farewell party to Tom the Bard. During the celebration, a Priest of St. Dimitruis arrived at the Tavern and immediately fell in with the party. After hiring and equipping Roland and Ap-Maddock, the party set out once again for The Caves of Chaos.

On the road to The Caves, the party encountered upon a strange sight; a fight was in progress on the road. In a confusing melee the party saw a Gnome on a wolf, a huge Half-Orc bristling with weapons, and a whole nest of Lizardmen hacking away at each other. Not sure who to kill first, the party decided to go after the Lizardmen as their ears were worth (much more than) their weight in gold.

After the fight, the Half-Orc and Gnome introduced themselves and decided to accompany the party to The Caves. Once at The Caves the party decided to, predictably, enter the same cave and assault the Hobgoblin’s lair from the same direction. The Hobgoblins were ready and waiting with a bolstered breastwork, caltrop minefield and a Scorpion bolt-thrower trained on the door. All was for naught as the party hacked their way through the Hobgoblins in short order, with great contribution by both newcomers. The Hobgoblins attempted to rally but even the reinforcements were scattered with little effort. The party saw the backs of the rest of the Hobgoblin tribe as they fled the area. Taking a moment to collect ears and breath, the party now debates what to do next…

Roland – A man-at-arms
Ap-Maddock – A man-at-arms



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