B2 The Keep on The Borderlands

Session 5 - The Death of Heroes (well...okay, 2 NPCs)

Over the River and through the Woods to an ancient grave mound we go...

Gerhart – Human Fighter
Shugosou – Elven Magic User
Eron – Human Fighter
Tom – Human Bard
Nigel – Hireling Human Warrior
Monk – Hireling Human Warrior
Shagar – Human Barbarian

After defeating the Ghouls in the Old Watchtower, the party decided to press their luck and cut through the forest to reach the Keep. Without a guide (or anyone even remotely skilled in woodlore) the party got lost and ended up on the road near the large hill. To make sure they had their bearings correct, the party decided to traipse up the hill to potentially get a view of The Keep.

Once near the top sharp-eyed Shugosou saw a glinting in the grass. Upon closer examination it appeared to be a metal shield. Shug cast a Detect Magic spell in the hopes the shield was something special, what he determined is that the entire hill radiated with a moderate power of Necromancy! This was confirmed by the 5 silent skeletal warriors who clawed their way out of the burial mound and began an assault. The party was nearly wiped out, only Gareth remaining conscious after the brawl. Poor Monk and Nigel expired on the spot. The rest of the party clung to life by the tiniest of shreds while Gareth tied them all together like a bunch of raw meet to drag back to The Keep. It was a close run thing, with Tom and Shugosou nearly dying of the ill treatment before a contingent of cavalry from The Keep rode to Gareth’s assistance.

Once back in The Keep, the party recupperated with the help of Father Janos, who once again gently and politely pried them for information of their adventures. The party rebuked him and became diffident, but still remained to care for them. What a Saintly creature is our poor misunderstood Father Brightsun!

Once healed, and nearly penniless, the party headed back to The Caves of Chaos to tackle the Hobgoblin defenses. This time they enlisted the aid of a Shaggy Barbarian named aptly “Shagar”. This time the party was prepared mentally for the spikey breastwork and made amazingly short work of the skilled and disciplined defenders. So quickly, in fact, that no word was sent deeper into the lair of the party’s intrusion. This allowed the adventurers to get the drop on 2 burly Hobgoblin jailors in a prison room. The party freed an Orc, who grabbed a sword and ran off to kill Hobgoblins. They killed a crazy-eyed Gnoll who was foaming at the mouth, and freed 4 human prisoners for escort back to The Keep (a fat merchant, his beautiful wife, and two wounded men-at-arms). The Merchant’s wife rewarded the party with a heap of gold and a magic dagger upon reaching The Keep.

Shagar – Human Barbarian
Gareth the Merchant – A Merchant…duh!
Aecilina – His Wife
Roland – A man-at-arms (now available for hire)
Ap-Maddock – A man-at-arms (now available for hire as well)
Nigel – DEAD and left to rot…
Monk – Equally DEAD and equally rotting…



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